I’m Christine Van Dyk, a content marketing specialist and seasoned freelance copywriter.

Have you ever wondered why some words matter more than others? Think about it. Why does a Shakespearean sonnet hold more weight than your fifth-grade history assignment? Why do the lyrics to a Beatles song still stick in your head decades after they were written while the lines of countless one-hit-wonders come and go?

I believe all words matter, but the right words matter more.


Like most businesses, you have copy needs: articles, blog posts, web copy, press releases, marketing materials, advertising content and the list goes on and on. A seasoned copywriter understands that to maximize your efforts you need to connect your message with the right audience. You have to engage those readers and convey how your brand provides the solution for their specific needs.



"Christine brings our webinars to life with scriptwriting that captures the inspiration and logistics needed to sell our travel product. She is always beating deadlines, sharing content ideas, and being a positive, friendly partner to work with. I would highly recommend her."

~ Danyelle Leggett
Associate Marketing Manager
Europe Express

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Christine across three regional publications. Christine tackles every assignment by asking the right questions, discovering interesting subjects and delivering an article that resonates with our readers. She is a writer I want to hire again and again."

~Julie Capps - Editor

"Christine proposed and crafted compelling stories for our magazines, helped brand our products through direct mail pieces and elevated our online presences with engaging blog articles and social media posts. In addition to her professionalism and insightful narratives, she is an incredibly gifted interviewer. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

~ Jennifer Drew
Myriad Travel Marketing
Travcoa/TUI Travel Group

"Christine has provided our company with blog writing services for over 7 years and it has always been such a pleasure to work with her. She consistently delivers quality work ahead of schedule and brings her own ideas to the table to make the content planning process easier."

~ Andrea Kier
Marketing Manager
YMT Vacations


As the principal writer for Copyright Creative Services, I have years of experience as an editorial and content writer specializing in travel, health/fitness and lifestyle copy. Throughout my career I’ve also worked in the banking, non-profit, healthcare, retail, construction and real-estate industries. All that to say, I’ve written just about everything.